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After many years working as a private contractor in the construction and landscape industry, Peter Ware, president and owner of Northwest Gridworks LLC, began working within the equestrian field and noted many clients sought better ways to resolve their mud issues. After a few years of working with a grid mat system made overseas for mud and erosion control, Peter saw that there was a dire need for a more effective, affordable, readily available and locally made mud control product. Peter also wanted to make a product that would be stronger per square foot and eco-friendly to the environment. This goal was achieved with the creation of EcoGreen Grid, a tough, durable interlocking plastic grid mat system designed to provide turf protection, ground reinforcement and erosion control. EcoGreenGrid comes in pre-assembled, lightweight 3ft x4ft layers for easy handling and installation. Pieces can be easily taken apart and put together to create any shape required, creating a permanent mud-free solution. EcoGreenGrid is considered a permeable pavement, but unlike concrete is ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly and also strong enough to drive tractors and large trucks onto. It is made from 100% recycled polypropylene plastic that has been engineered and designed to give you a stronger and more durable product that will last a lifetime. Northwest Gridworks is proud to be manufacturing EcoGreenGrid locally out of Washougal, WA. For more information call Peter at 503-975-0141 or contact us via email at[email protected]. For more info about EcoGreenGrid view our website at Youtube EcoGreenGrid for installation videos or check us out on Facebook.


Published April 2013 Issue

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