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Northwest Veterinarian Brings Top Quality European Supplements to the USA

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How and why did you get started in business?

I was introduced to the Equina products by a Dutch mother and daughter who were clients of my veterinary practice. When the daughter passed away the mother asked me to take over the distributorship and continue the legacy. I agreed to be involved in the business because at that point I had used the products enough to know they worked and had a place here in the USA. I also wanted to ensure ongoing availability for my own herd of horses.

What is your history with horses?

I convinced my dad to buy my first horse when I was 7. I rode throughout my youth and competed on the hunter/jumper circuit as well as various breed shows. I went to veterinary school and have been in equine practice since 2000. Since then, I have continued to ride. I competed in polo and more recently in cutting. I do some dressage and have a continual lineup of sale horses that I ride and promote at my farm. I also breed Lusitano horses using frozen semen from Europe in an effort to make some of the best bloodlines available here.

Describe what sets your product or business apart from the competition?

The Equina supplements are the purest on the market from a standpoint of excellent sourcing and lack of additives/fillers. They are made in accordance with true science. What’s in the product will be preserved during production and storage, it will then be absorbed and utilized by the horse. There are no false claims or ingredients added that are not effective.

What can clients expect to gain from your product or service?

Clients gain a line of complete nutritional support for their horses that they can trust. It starts with basic daily nutrition. Specialty items can then be added for individual needs such as hoof quality, joint support, performance products, extra energy for broodmares, etc. Items can be combined with no risk of overloading the horse or canceling out nutrients as is often the case when people mix and match different products. This line is comprehensive and allows peace of mind. The results will be seen in the horses.

Contact information:

Sara Perkins, DVM/Equina USA (distributed by Way Station Wellness, Inc)

Phone: (360) 480-5694

Email: [email protected]


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