Bodee Gudmundson – Passionate About Rodeo and Aiming for the National Finals Rodeo

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The Northwest Horse Source is celebrating youth in action. This column features young equine enthusiasts from all over the Northwest who inspire, uplift, or just have fun with horses. The future of the horse industry depends on youth participation. We look forward to sharing their stories and adventures!

If you’re 18 years old or younger and would like to participate, we invite you to share your story HERE.


What is your name and age?

Bodee Gudmundson, and I am 12 years old.


Photo from Jackie Gudmundson

How long have you been involved with horses?

I was first put on a horse when I was about a week old.


Do you have an instructor or trainer?

My mom is a trainer, so she helps me with everything. I’ve also had lots of help from a lot of good cowboys along the way.


What’s the hardest part about owning or caring for horses?

When they die. We’ve had a lot of excellent horses that lived their whole life with us. It’s hard when it’s over.


What kind of riding do you do?

I rodeo. I rope and also ride bucking stock.


Tell us about your horse(s): What are their ages? How long have you owned them?

I have a few outstanding horses that I rodeo on. Max is an 8-year-old, and we raised him. Sweetness is 17 years old, and we just got her this summer. Bob is 19 and we got him this spring when my other horse passed away. We raise horses, so we have a lot of young ones around that we are training.


What are your horse riding and training goals?

I want to win a national title next year and make it to the National Finals Rodeo.


Photo from Jackie Gudmundson

Are there any accomplishments that you’re especially proud of?

I won Washington’s all-around cowboy title last year and was in the top 20 in the world.


What are some obstacles/challenges you’ve had to overcome with your horse training or riding?

I lost my dad; that was the hardest thing my mom and I have had to deal with.


Name one or two of your heroes in the horse world. Is there someone you especially you admire and respect? Why did you choose this person?

Trevor Brazil is the king of the cowboys and has been good to me. And there’s Shane Proctor —he’s a world champion. He’s from our hometown and does a lot to help me.


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