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A Passion and Purpose in Sharing Infrared Technology

by Kat Chrysostom


November 2017 far-infrared
The Rejuvenate SmartScrim. Photo courtesy Arenus®

When I was very young I watched my siblings at riding lessons and wanted to learn to ride too. Their riding teacher had one big rule: children were not allowed to ride until they were five. But my love of horses was stronger than her willpower. After months of begging, I celebrated my fourth birthday with my first formal horseback lesson. After that I dedicated all my free time to riding horses. In high school, I was invited to be the only junior rider at a prestigious sales barn where I rode four horses a day, before and after school. My life revolved around horses.

One day while working as a young, professional rider, my horse tripped. The fall fractured my C2 vertebrae — the same injury that left Christopher Reeve in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I was in and out of paralysis and spent three months in a traction halo. When they finally removed the halo, I had terrible migraines that were so bad I could not eat. My doctors told me I would never ride again.

Horses had been more than a passion; they were my career. When I found myself suddenly jobless, wheelchair bound, and in pain, a neurosurgeon recommended that I try far-infrared light therapy, commonly known as red light therapy. Far-infrared wavelengths are an invisible, low range ray of light on the electromagnetic spectrum that penetrate down to the deep tissue level. I used it for a year and stopped having migraines plus regained the mobility in my right side.

Because far-infrared therapy made such a difference in my life, I dove into research. I learned that infrared light therapy vibrates the oxygen atoms within the water molecules inside the body; this helps reduce swelling in joints, tendons, and ligaments. Research published in The Canadian Pain Journal has shown that infrared light therapy can help people with chronic back pain. I truly believe this therapy is what helped reduce the lingering inflammation in my spinal cord and brought me out of my partial paralysis.

I began teaching horseback lessons but didn’t enjoy it, so I decided to take my passion for far-infrared therapy and share it. I began looking for ways to use this therapy to help both horses and people. I spent two years in research and development, talking to doctors, veterinarians, massage therapists, and chiropractors. I spent time in China and Taiwan finding the best materials to use in our wearables which mimic far-infrared light therapy.

Soon after, I designed and tested the first products in the BeneFab® line. My first line of ceramic-infused products was well received. I then developed my “SMART” therapy line, which, in addition to therapeutic fabrics, incorporates medical grade neodymium magnets strategically placed over key acupuncture points. A clinical trial was recently conducted testing the SmartScrim and its ability to reduce back pain in horses. Comprehensive results from this study will be published in 2018.

November 2017 far-infrared
The BeneFab Poll Pad. Angie Aguirre.

In 2015 I was fortunate to be approached by Arenus®, the makers of Sore No-More®. I knew that together our products could work synergistically and enhance results while keeping an emphasis on natural, non-invasive health and wellness. We decided to pair up as a team, and the BeneFab® by Sore No-More® partnership was born.

We are based in the horse capital of the world – Ocala, Florida – where I ride nearly every day. Recently, I made the decision to expand my business to the cat and dog markets to offer a product for every family member.

We continue to grow with the help of our enthusiastic customer base and word of mouth. Since partnering with Sore No-More®, our products are sold at many dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as on our website:

My passions have evolved to help people beyond the use of our products. I travel to speak with audiences of all ages, but primarily women between the ages of 20-35. I give them tools to develop their own entrepreneurial aspirations. I am also authoring a book, Broken to Branded, which will share a detailed outline of my journey and help empower people to build the life they want.

Customer Testimonial

This [SmartScrim] is amazing. My horse had an SI injury a few years ago, so at times during training he will have some back discomfort and stiffness. His comfort level and flexibility increase has been obvious since using this. I also use the Sore No-More® products underneath the scrim as well as on his arthritic knee and he will lick his lips in agreement for the BeneFab® products. I am very happy with it all!… My horse and I are beyond pleased. – Natalie


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