Stonewater Ranch: A Healing Space

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Hope and Restoration at Stonewater Ranch


One junior high girl who came to open enrollment at Youth Dynamics had this to say about Stonewater Ranch: “It’s so healing to be here.” Indeed, God’s peace fills the 158 acre ranch and it is noticeable to visitors. Tucked in the sunny Cascade Mountains, the ranch is a haven for many, many teens each year. Students feel safe at Stonewater and are able to be themselves. These kids are faced with many pressures including those that come through school, peers and even social media. They are often forced to make tough, adult decisions at very young ages. Because of this, suicidal thoughts are common for many teens today.

Stonewater Ranch Aug 2015What can we do to support these kids? They need hope and a natural environment in the mountains, and spending time on horseback and with fellow peers can be especially healing. Free from everyday pressures, they have the freedom to open up and talk about life in addition to hearing about a God of love who desires a personal relationship with them. There’s nothing quite like building a special friendship with a horse, spending nights around the campfire, sleeping out under the stars and being unplugged for an entire week (no cell phones allowed and the kids don’t miss them). These things are incredibly healing and restoring for teenagers, allowing the opportunity to discover God’s amazing plan and purpose for each one of them. There is hope and each year many teens find it at Stonewater Ranch. For more information go to or call 509-763-3161.

Published in August 2015 Issue

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