A Girl and a Mustang – Stonewater Gears Up for Spring Training

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As I write this it’s still winter, but I trust that as you are reading this we are enjoying days of spring sunshine! Over the winter, our plan was to pair each Mustang with one Wild Heart’s student. Because of the unruly winter weather so far, we have not officially paired Mustangs yet. We have continued to have Dally, Jackson, Milo, and Creed (yes—he finally got a name!) be a part of Wild Hearts meetings with girls brushing, leading, and befriending them.

One of the special moments this brought was getting to watch as a student learned how to properly brush a horse’s tail. She had been grooming Milo for several minutes, and wanted to try brushing his tail. Knowing Milo would accept the task, we set the student up, and had her rub his hip till he was relaxed and willing. Then she grasped the tail, drew it to her, and we helped her begin brushing away the tangles and mud.

Milo stood quietly, even relaxed, and enjoyed the attention. To see that student’s face as she got to brush a tail that once swished through the sagebrush and wind of Nevada, free and wild, was beautiful.
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March 2020


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