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Fact: hay soaking is beneficial for horses that need reduced levels of sugars and starches in their diet, like those with metabolic conditions, laminitis, and PSSM. Also, fact: soaking hay for horses is a wet sloppy mess, a dreaded chore, and a giant hassle. Now there’s a product that makes soaking hay easier! The HAY SOAKER™ is now available, transforming this time-consuming and labor-intensive task into a simple, tidy solution!

From Wendy Murdoch, instructor, clinician, and creator of the patented SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program® and SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads, comes a new and improved method of soaking hay.

“Back in 2012, there was a woman making The HAY SOAKER as a small family business. But the demand for this revolutionary piece of equipment became overwhelming and she stopped manufacturing it,” says Wendy. “My partner (an engineer) and I bought the product then improved the design, updated certain components, and added technology to create a modern method for soaking hay.”

The key feature of this new version of The HAY SOAKER is its programmable timer that runs from an app on your smart phone. Now anyone responsible for feeding soaked hay to horses can just set the timer’s app to fill and drain The HAY SOAKER based on how long they want the hay soaked.

The challenges of traditional hay-soaking methods have turned what should be a simple solution into an impossible chore. If you’ve given up on hay soaking because you can’t take the hassle anymore, then you need The HAY SOAKER—it’s a game-changer!

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