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SAFE Show @ Donida Farm

August 3, 2019 @ 8:00 am - August 4, 2019 @ 12:00 am PDT

HALTER: An in-hand class in which the horse is judged.Horses in halter classes are judged on their conformation. Horses should be groomed and otherwise prepared to be presented in the ring and exhibited to its best advantage. Horses will NOT be faulted for having natural muzzle whiskers.

Color Horse = pintos, paints, palominos, appaloosas, buckskins, gruellas, cremellos
Non-Color Horse = bays, greys, sorrels/chestnuts, blacks
***No cross entry between Color and Non-Color Halter
Senior Horse = 18 years old or older (the horse, not the handler!)
Stock Type = Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints
Pleasure Type = Arabians, Morgans
Hunter Type = Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods
***No cross entry between Western Stock or Pleasure; or English Hunter or Pleasure

SHOWMANSHIP:An in-hand class in which the handler is judged.
Showmanship classes allow the handler to demonstrate his/her ability to groom and otherwise prepare the horse and then present it in the ring, follow the pattern correctly and exhibit the animal to its best advantage without ever physically touching the horse. Horses will NOT be faulted for having natural muzzle whiskers.

EQUITATION: The rider is judged.
A good equitation rider is always in balance with the horse, maintains a correct position in every gait or movement and possesses a commanding, but relaxed, presence. They are effective riders, able to direct the horse with nearly invisible aids.

PLEASURE: The horse is judged.
The horse is judged on quality of movement, proper behavior, form in motion, and calm manner. Faults are assessed on infractions such as excessive speed or slowness, breaking of the gait, poor transitions, being on the wrong lead or having incorrect head position.

NOTE ABOUT BITS IN WESTERN CLASSES: Any horse, regardless of age, may be ridden with two hands and a ring snaffle or bosal, in any of the Western classes.

Trails Classes
Horse & Rider/Handler Judged.
The trails arena will be set up as an obstacle course with a series of obstacles that the horse & rider have to navigate. The horse and rider will be Judged as a team on their ability to navigate the course, and the subtle use of cues and aids, sensitivity of horse to obstacles and willingness to comply.
The trails course will be open on Sunday from 8am to 10am for Open Schooling Sessions, and from 10am to 3pm for competition. You may check in at the Trails Arena at any point during the day to do your ride(s).

Dressage Classes
Dressage riders must pre-enter by July 29 to get an assigned ride time.

Fun Classes
LEADLINE (for little kids):
Future equestrian superstars (ages 10 and under) compete for the Blue Ribbon.

A costume contest for Horses and their Riders or Handlers! Show us your creativity!

Horse and Rider Definitions:
Rescue Horse: Any Breed/Any Color
A rescue horse is one adopted from a rescue or humane society, or saved from previous neglect or abuse. Please provide proof of adoption from a Horse Rescue if possible. A good story about how you acquired the horse will also typically be taken as Proof of Rescue.

Senior Horse: Any Breed/Any Color
A horse who is 18 years old or older.

Novice Division: These classes are intended for those who are new to showing. A Novice Rider is a rider of any age who has never won a total of 3 blue ribbons at any combination of shows/levels in a given discipline. A rider with show experience in Western who has never shown English would be allowed to enter the Novice Division in English.

Green Horse: Any Breed/Any Color
Any horse in his first or second year of showing.

Cross Entry Rules
• Cross-entry will be allowed between Green Horse and Rescue Horse classes and other classes.

• Cross-entry will be allowed between Walk Only, Walk/Trot, and Walk/Trot Canter

• Riders may only enter two consecutive hunter divisions (i.e, Trot Poles & Cross Rails, or Cross Rails & 2′)

Entry Limitations
Due to excessive heat typically present in August, a single horse may not be entered in more than 14 under saddle classes in a single day. Dressage tests and hunter rounds are included in this total. Halter, showmanship, and trails are not included in this count.

SAFE Show Rules
• All riders under 18 years of age must wear a helmet at all times when mounted on a horse at Donida Farm Equestrian Center.
• All riders participating in Hunter classes and Hunter warm up must wear a helmet while jumping regardless of age.
• All riders must wear suitable footwear for riding, including boots with at least a 1′ heel. No sneakers!
• Show attire is not required — although it is welcome — but appropriate attire is mandatory. If in doubt, think “family friendly”. No shorts.
• Stallions are not permitted at the SAFE show
• The judges’ decisions are final. If a judge or staff member decides that an animal is not fit to show, that decision will be final as well.
• The following will be grounds for disqualification and expulsion without a refund:

a. Unsportsmanlike conduct toward horses or humans,
b. Use of severe bits or training devices,
c. Excessive use of whips, crops, or spurs,
d. Mistreatment of any horse, as determined by show staff or judges,
e. Exhibiting a horse that is exhausted, injured, or lame.
f. Unruly or out-of-control horses.

• Any disputes or problems during the show should be brought to the attention of the show manager or the Technical Delegate.
• All horses that kick are required to have a RED ribbon attached to the tail that is clearly visible at ALL times. You will not be marked down in any class for this. Red ribbons will be available in the show office.
• Horses should not be tied to any arena fences or any place that would constitute a hazard.
• No exhibitor should be tied, buckled or fastened in the saddle in any manner. (Especially in Leadline Classes.)
• Snaffle bits are allowed in both English and Western classes. Any horse, regardless of age, may be ridden with two hands and a ring snaffle or bosal in any of the Western classes. Tack should be discipline-appropriate.
• This is an open non-recognized schooling show. Therefore, boots, wraps, and other schooling equipment is permitted. Hackamores and bitless bridles are also permitted. Under no circumstances may riders use severe bits or training devices. Show management has final say in what is considered severe or inhumane.

• For all other horse show rules, please refer to the 2017 USEF Rule Book.
• No horses allowed onto facility without being stalled.
• Campers, RVs, living quarter trailers, and tents must obtain a Camping Pass from the Show Office and clearly display it where it can be seen when the campground attendant comes through to check. $25 per night for camping payable to Donida Farm.
• Dogs are not permitted at Donida Farm. Please leave your dogs at home. Do not under any circumstances leave dogs unattended in parked cars.
• No horses allowed in campgrounds.
• Please lunge in designated areas only.
• Use manure wagons to dispose of stall manure only.
• Pick up garbage and place in or next to dumpster.
• Horses may move in after 2:00 pm on Friday Aug 4
• No stall construction changes allowed. Any damage to stalls will incur a fee. No nails in stall. Tack stalls will be charged $20.00 for nails.
• Bagged shavings available at $10 bag. Order at show office. 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM drop offs.


August 3, 2019 @ 8:00 am PDT
August 4, 2019 @ 12:00 am PDT

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