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Reach Out to Horses Wild Foal Gentling Course- Only Auditing Available at this time

August 31, 2021 - September 5, 2021


Over the course of 6 days, world-renowned equine behaviorist and wild horse expert, Anna Twinney, will introduce you to her unique and comprehensive foal gentling methodologies. Through gentle, compassionate, and supportive communication, you will discover how to quickly and effectively introduce foals to the world of humans, training, and even their own language. These techniques are also very effective for untouched and spooky horses, and to help solve the most frustrating behavioral issues with all your horses.

You will learn (and put to use) the same uniquely designed and tested program Anna herself has developed and used to start hundreds foals!

Gentling foals can be some of the most important and rewarding work you will ever do. In this case, your efforts are even more critical. The foals we work with in this event are untrained and rescued. So in addition to getting world-class, groundbreaking training, you are helping these innocent, rescued souls. You are giving them a loving, heart-filled introduction to the human-horse connection, and gaining a solid foundation that will help them in their lives. You are also helping them to gain a greater possibility of being adopted, and a second-chance at a life they deserve to live.

Under Anna’s tutelage you will work, hands-on with the foals, and learn how to teach them:

  • First Touch
  • Hand grooming and grooming
  • Haltering
  • TLC – Safety and Ground work
  • Baby Steps & Leading
  • Picking up feet & Farrier prep
  • Medical support
  • Desensitizing & Blanketing
  • Bathing
  • Navigating obstacle course
  • Loading
  • and more…

In short, you will learn everything you need to know to gentle and care for any foal, whether he is born in your care, or rescued from an unfortunate situation. These methods are gentle and supportive, helping the foal to learn and acclimate to this new world. We never use fear or dominance. By introducing these elements of basic handling to your foal at the age of weaning, you will be preparing them for the best start possible.

“How comfortable the foals became from the first day to the third. It appeared the horses had little stress, became more confident and comfortable around the students.” – Tracee Dmytryk, OR

You will have the chance to understand, first-hand, the power of compassionate leadership and positive reinforcement while creating clarity in boundaries and balance.

And, of course, maybe the best part is that you get to spend hours of unforgettable, precious time with these young horses!

We want our foals to feel safe, and their experiences with humans to be positive memorable ones. These first important lessons stay with them for the rest of their lives, and so the training must be done right. Acknowledging the “whisper” is crucial; recognizing the “try” is an art.

Spend 6 fun-filled, info-packed days learning the art of compassionate, effective gentling, and work with a group of rescued foals. Help start these young lives on the path towards a gentle, trust-based partnership with humans, and enjoy a life-changing experience you will never forget!

“These gentle techniques used by Anna were an amazing interpretation of gentle horsemanship. The more reactive horses where being touched in a short period of time. Each foal was given a high level of care and Anna provided what was best for each horse and the herd.”
– Angie Shelby, OR

Your foal has a memory for life. Make their first memories good ones.


August 31, 2021
September 5, 2021
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