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Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center Unveil State-of-the-Art Facility in Oregon

Imagine one place where all your horse’s health and wellness needs are met, where farriers, bodyworkers, and holistic medicine practitioners collaborate and work hand-in-hand with your veterinarian and assist each other easily and readily, and where thinking outside the box to solve problems is typical. 

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center
Bodywork. Credit: Shasta Photography by KA

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center, led and founded by the esteemed husband and wife team, Dr. Keaton Massie and Andria Massie, proudly announce the grand opening of their groundbreaking new facility in Southern Oregon. This innovative collaboration represents a significant advancement in equine health and wellness, combining top-tier equine veterinary care with holistic rehabilitation services. 

With a commitment to the whole horse, the facility offers comprehensive services that cater to the physical and emotional well-being of horses and their riders. 

A New Era in Equine Health 

The new facility in Central Point, Oregon boasts a center for hospitalization and rehabilitation services (long and short term), a 100 x 200 outdoor diagnostic arena, a luxurious equine day spa, and state-of-the-art boarding facilities for both working and retired horses. 

“Our new facility takes a whole-horse approach to equine health and wellness and is one we’ve always been excited about developing since day one,” says Dr. Keaton Massie. “It’s the culmination of our lifelong passion and commitment to equine health. We’re thrilled to offer a sanctuary where every horse can receive the personalized care needed to thrive.” This whole-horse philosophy is at the core of both the Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic 

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic offers a full range of in-clinic and mobile services including routine wellness such as dentals and vaccinations, sports medicine, pre-purchase exams, Coggins and health certificates, breeding, lameness evaluations, nutrition, podiatry, and regenerative medicine. Additionally, their brand-new facility includes an equine day spa and grooming, a restorative rehabilitation facility, and fitness coaching. 

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center
Diagnostics. Credit: Shasta Photography by KA

The Equine Healing Center (TEHC) 

Andrea Massie spearheads The Equine Healing Center, a nonprofit organization committed to serving the whole horse. Massie emphasizes the importance of community and education for TEHC. “Our center is where students, riders, and enthusiasts come for community and to advance their knowledge. We’re here to ensure that every horse has the opportunity to heal and return to their peak condition,” she says. The Equine Healing Center complements the clinic’s offerings with: 

  • Whole Horse Rehabilitation: Virtual and in-person rehabilitation services that consider the whole horse, including nutrition, natural products made on-site, physiotherapy, bodywork and supportive care. 
  • Sports Medicine
  • Virtual and In-Person Coaching: One-on-one coaching with Andria Massie and Dr. Massie through monthly masterclasses. 
  • An Equine Learning Community: A hub for learning and community engagement through podcasts, case study reviews, and community forums. 
  • Whole Horse Events: Clinics and unique events featuring top trainers and practitioners, offering personalized attention and tailored care for each horse. 

Join Massey Equine Veterinary Clinic and TEHC for Their Inaugural Events 

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center will host a series of events beginning this fall. They invite the equine community to explore their new facility and discover the unparalleled care and services firsthand. 

For more information, to schedule a visit, or to attend their upcoming events, visit their website at; follow on Facebook.

Phone: 541-636-1191
Email: [email protected]

Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic and The Equine Healing Center
Credit: Shasta Photography by KA

Dr. Keaton Massie, an equine veterinarian with over 20 years of experience, is a leading expert in equine care with a passion for helping horses and their owners achieve optimal health and performance. His specialties are equine lameness, equine podiatry, and equine biomechanics.

Andria Massie, MA, MAT, is a trainer and equine bodyworker. She designs equine restorative fitness and rehabilitation programs using a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities.  

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