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Winter Horseback Riding Lap Robes – 2 styles $80 & $120 Don’t let the cold or wet winter weather stop you and your horse from getting out! The right gear can give you the comfort to get out more and stay out longer than ever before. Lap robes are a blanket (of sorts) for the rider to wear over their lap and legs to keep warm. They are easy to use, and one size fits all.They wrap around your waist, will fit up to 55 inches, and still have 5 inches extra for a tail (waist strap extensions are available if needed). Lap Robes are connected to you (not the saddle), and are designed to be safe and easy to get out of if necessary. Lap Robes are made to protect your saddle when riding or dismounted and give you coverage from the waist down past your feet. Plus to take advantage of the horse’s body heat to keep you cozy in cold/wet weather and when you combine it with a long riding coat and proper head gear you’re all set. I make 2 styles of lap robes for winter horseback riding.The first one is the very warm double fleece robe selling for $80 and is available in black or brown. Perfect for those cold clear days with a chance of rain, or for the 4-H kids and show folks to stay warm in between classes or while schooling, gaming, etc. I have made this one so it can be easily shorten for 4H kids to use. The second one is black and fleeced lined with a heavy duty weather resistant covering for the rainy day trail riders for $120. If you ride in any kind of wet weather or on trails with wet brush, blackberry vines, etc., this one will really do the trick. One way to think about investing in gear is that your horse is going to cost money whether you ride or not. Being able to ride more will give you and your horse more enjoyment and not only from a cost/benefit perspective. My horse doesn’t enjoy standing around in Northwest weather any more than I do and some of my most memorable rides have happened when the weather was not exactly ideal. Buy a lap robe today so you can enjoy going out and riding your horse more during winter. Better yet get one for a friend to ride with you. I’m located in Buckley,Washington but will gladly ship them out. Also after many inquiries/requests I am now selling the the best helmet covers that myself and many of my friends can recommend. After many years of trying other covers, ear muffs, etc…to stay warm and dry without having my hearing compromised (a safety issue to me while out in the woods), this one is the best ever. I offer them for only $16 NEW- Now offering a very nice horse bun warmer/protector made by Cashel. I tested a few designs and this one was the best. The different tests were in 5 hours of hard rain with the different ones I had purchased. To test them as they were on a horse’s rump, I draped them over buckets on their sides, up on milk crates. This was the best one and I have seen it sell for $65. It protects your equine partner’s assets during those long trail rides! Also prevents your horse from c

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