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Revolution… Therapy… Wellness. TheraPlate platforms take Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy to the next level by utilizing Vortex Wave technology to provide horses, humans and even companion pets treatment and prevention of injuries and chronic conditions. Simply put, the TheraPlate motors rotate (like a whirlpool) to focus the therapeutic benefits WBV therapy far better than other WBV products. The TheraPlate doesn’t just vibrate and shake – it heals! The TheraPlate is drug free and impact free. Use for therapy on tendon injuries, back pain, founder, fractures and so much more! Used daily, the TheraPlate improves joint health, decreases concussive impact and increases whole-body relaxation in both horse and rider. TheraPlate NW is the independent distributor of TheraPlate Revolution in WA, OR, ID and MT. Find us on Facebook under TheraPlate NW.

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