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Bruce Mines, Ontario Canada

Healthy Horses. Happy Owners. Superior Results!

At Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc. we know that all horses are special and unique – that’s why we look at each horse’s nutrition individually. Workloads, ages, life stages, breeds and health issues are some of the ways horses stand out from each other. Mix in various types and qualities of forages, feeds and supplements, and seasonal changes and suddenly you have thousands of diet variations! Wow! That can get overwhelming for horse owners (and some veterinarians too) to figure out what is the best diet for their horse. Get it wrong and you may reduce performance, health and soundness – even jeopardize your horse’s life. But get it right and you and your horse will have conquered the basic foundation to responsible horse ownership – a GREAT nutrition plan that flexes as your horse’s needs change!nnWhat can you expect? I take a comprehensive look at the your horse’s nutrition and diet to maximize health, based on your horse’s profile. I review your current feeding program, forages, feeds and supplements as well as management principles and provide suggestions on areas of improvement. If your horse has health issues I also consider this and build it into the program. I work both locally and remotely so no worries if you are a distance away – pictures, videos and emailing by internet still work great! I use the “Feed My Horse Equine Nutrition Software*” to evaluate your current feeding program and find the ideal, optimal one for your horse. *Based on NRC’s Nutrient Requirements of HorsesnnYour Horse Is Special To You – We Understand. Let’s Work Together To Keep Your Horse Healthy, You Happy and Give Both Of You Superior Results!nnFEED MY HORSE Equine Nutrition Software ( MY HORSE is an “impressive and easy to use” Equine Nutrition Software that helps you make safer, healthier and smarter feeding decisions based on your horse’s profile. It is about maximizing health and performance through nutrition while saving you time and money.nnA few simple steps are required to gather information about your horse, forage and feed, and results are quickly viewed. You can input your forage analysis if you have one (better results achieved) or use one of the generic choices in the software. The program is backed by the NRC’s Nutrient Requirements of Horses and will help you identify if you are within or outside the acceptable nutrient ranges using colourful graphs. It also gives you easy to follow tips and guidelines to keep you on track along the way!nnQuestions? Please feel free to contact me by email, or visit my website and facebook page for description and pricing of services and software use.

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