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Estacada, OR USA

Full Care Horse Board includes feeding 4 times a day, Dynamite vitamins and supplements, 24/7 access to stall & 100 foot+ paddocks plus pasture turn-out AND access to over 100+ miles of forest and logging road trails right on the same road so no need to trailer, just saddle up and GO. We are a quiet natural horsemanship barn with an Indoor Arena. When your horse is not on the pasture, they have 24/7 access to a 100 foot paddock run and their own 12×12 padded floor stall and are fed 4 times a day with high quality local grass hay. Auto-waterers provide continuous fresh water, and your horse will receive Dynamite vitamins, supplements and Equerry Pro-biotics 5 days a week. We have a heated tack room for your valuable tack, with your own saddle rack and hooks on the wall along with a personal cubby drawer for your horses grooming utensils. We have a tankless hot-wash so you never run out of hot water and we provide all-natural fly control by Nature’s Balance Care along with application that is included in board – No Hidden Fees. We also use Fly Predators to control flies so your horse is extra comfortable in the summer months. We are located just 8 miles south of McIver Park nestled in the foothills of Goat Mt with access to over 100 miles of forested trails. FULL CARE BOARDING INCLUDES -Feeding 4 times a day high quality local grass hay and auto-waterers for continued supply and access to fresh water -24/7 Access to a 12 x 12 stall and 100+ foot paddock runs -Dynamite Plus vitamins, NTM Salt, and Probiotics provided 5 days a week -Pasture turn-out included with board -Indoor Arena for working with your horse or days of inclimate weather -Access to over 100 miles trails just across the street -Fly control products provided by Nature’s Balance included in board. So safe they are edible! -Full Care with all the amenities listed above starting at $325. No extra charges for turn-out, blanket & fly mask NO hidden fees To schedule a visit call Missy at 888-406-7689

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