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All-Natural Equine Hemp, Amino Acid, and CBD Supplement

How and why did you get started in business?

I started REMOUNT when I saw a valuable by-product of the CBD extraction industry being wasted in landfills. There’s so much good nutrition in hemp that I just thought it would be a great, all-natural addition to a horse’s diet. We take the post-extracted hemp, dry it, grind it into powder then package the powder and make pellets out of it as well. Many supplements on the market today are loaded with preservatives and chemicals, so it made sense to create and provide one that has none of those things. We don’t even use a binder to make the pellets! The ingredients list for REMOUNT is very simple: hemp and nothing else. The name REMOUNT is taken from the 1850s US Calvary Division.

What is your history with horses?

I was born and raised in Wyoming ranching. I owned horses in Hawaii when I was stationed there with the US Navy. I primarily trail rode in Hawaii but played around with reining as well. Then I began a career as a welder before getting my degree in mechanical engineering. Both careers took me away from the horse industry. Even though I attended as many horse events and rodeos as possible I was always on the lookout for something I could do to make a living that would get me back in the horse industry, so when I saw the REMOUNT opportunity, I jumped on it!

Describe what sets your product or business apart from the competition?

REMOUNT is the only post-extracted, THC-free amino acid hemp supplement on the market for horses. It contains 18 amino acids and approximately 375 mg CBD per daily dose. All other amino acid supplements are lab-derived which means they have a low digestibility and low bioavailability in comparison to REMOUNT. Your horse will show more improvement in their overall health with REMOUNT than any other amino acid supplement.

What can clients expect to gain from your product or service?

Amino acids are necessary for muscle growth and recovery, hoof growth such as thicker walls and stronger, healthier soles, bone growth, skin and hair growth, and benefits to the horse’s nervous system. 

CBD helps to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, is a vasorelaxant, reduces hyperactivity, improves mental focus, and other benefits. 

Contact Person: Jerry Miller
Phone: (208) 991-7942
Email: [email protected]

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