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Preparing Students for Success as Equine Body Workers

What is your name and your business name?

Mary Lou Langley of Langley Equine Studies

How and why did you get started in business?

I got started in self-employment as a massage therapist because of my passion for better health care for humans and horses. After becoming a licensed therapist, I started an equine massage college in 2014. My own horses needed alternative care and I learned what helped them the most. Now, I pass that wisdom on to my students.

What is your history with horses?

My father was a thoroughbred racehorse breeder/trainer, so I was around horses my whole life. I raised my children with Quarter horses competing in 4-H, a high school equitation team, rodeo, and gymkhana shows. I train my own horses and have bred a few mares. I do love those babies. My private practice as a massage therapist brings me across the path of many horses of all breeds and discipline.

Have you won any special awards or recognition?

Langley Equine Studies has been recognized in numerous local newspaper stories.

What sets your business apart from the competition?

Langley Equine Studies is different from other massage schools because we offer a 300-hour professional licensing program. This program is an all-inclusive course that prepares you for real-life work in private practice. The curriculum is intense and very in-depth for anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Our theory and practice is broad covering subjects from Swedish massage, sports medicine, stress points, trigger points, myofascial release, and acupressure—to name a short list. You would have to take numerous classes from other schools to get all that is in this one substantial course.

What can clients expect to gain from your service?

Students can expect to graduate with an extensive education and preparation for success due to the extensive curriculum and hands-on training. Both on-campus and online learning models are available with substantial video support as well.


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