SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc.

We are a Canadian owned, western based, manufacturer dedicated to setting new standards in the development of safe alternative nutraceuticals since 1998. Our products are producing results by offering fundamental nutritional supplements along with advanced pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

We, at SciencePure, are interested in nothing less than RESULTS! Our PUREFORM & VetFORM equine product formulations are not only unique but they are derived through scientific evaluation and then modified through actual testing on horses. We only incorporate specific highly potent botanical extracts (nutraceuticals) that are guaranteed to contain standardized levels of pharmacologically active substances. The combination of cutting-edge technologies, quality assurance and physical testing of product, assures our consumers that they are receiving a supplement that definitively works for its intended purpose. We formulate our products for optimum health!

Our MISSION STATEMENT is geared towards the innovation of elite products that are an absolute essential to every horse’s optimum performance, health and longevity.

• We are dedicated to producing natural health and performance supplements that are of the best quality ingredients and advanced in nutritional design. Guaranteed Analyses.

• We strive to accurately inform and be available to our customers with technical and nutritional advise based on their specific situation and health issues.

Our products will continue to be 100% legal in all equine and human sporting event.

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