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Portland, OR 97280 USA is your local resource for “Energy Healing for Horses” in-person clinics in Oregon and Washington; online training and remote healing anywhere in the world. Why is Energy Healing important? Because your horse’s energy determines how quickly they recover from illness and injury, their overall feelings of well-being, and general attitude towards life. When your horse’s energy is clear, he is resilient when presented with stressful circumstances and can focus on his training.

Energy healing is based on the same principles as acupuncture: that our horses have a physical body and an invisible energy body. When the energy body is balanced and clear, the physical body is healthy. When the energy body is out of balance and congested, the physical body reflects this and develops what we call ‘symptoms.’ workshops can teach you how to work with your horse’s energy to support and accelerate their body’s natural healing ability. This training is designed for the person with no prior healing experience, as everyone has the ability to assess and balance their horse’s energy. No special tools required. Just an open mind and a willingness to explore.

Because disease appears first in the energy body before it appears in the physical body, Energy Healing excels at wellness care. Illness can often be prevented by detecting imbalances energetically and correcting them before they physicalize. Likewise, an illness that has already developed in the physical body can often be alleviated by balancing the energy body. Energy healing works on both acute and chronic conditions and is relevant for all systems of the body.

Liza Burney is an equestrian, an experienced Energy Healing practitioner and Certified Instructor offering online and in-person workshops. She has been studying Energy Healing since 1999, and is a frequent presenter at Conventions and Conferences. She also offers remote energy healing sessions for horses and people.

Liza is your #1 local resource for “Energy Healing for Horses” in-person clinics in Oregon and Washington. Contact her if you would like to host one at your location!

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